Shavendra Silva new Army Chief of Staff

Major General Shavendra Silva has been appointed as the 53rd Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army.

Shavendra Silva played a key role during the war against the LTTE.

Following the war, Major General Shavendra Silva was appointed as Sri Lanka’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN.

Major General Silva was serving as the Adjutant General at the Army Headquarters and Colonel of the Regiment, Gajaba Regiment before he was appointed as the Chief of Staff, the second highest office in the Army.

He is also one of the few to be awarded one of the highest gallantry medals, Weera Wickrama Vibushanaya (WWV) in recognition of his contribution to the war for peace.

He however faced allegations of being involved in human rights abuses committed during the war.

The Office on Missing Persons (OMP) had recently recommended that state officials, including members of the armed forces and police who are named as suspects or accused in criminal actions relating to abductions and enforced disappearances, be suspended pending the final determination of such cases. (Colombo Gazette)


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