Lasantha’s family continue to seek justice 10 years on

The family of Editor/journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge, today continued to push for justice, ten years since his assassination.

Lasantha Wickrematunge was killed on 8 January 2009 while he was on his way to The Sunday Leader newspaper office in Ratmalana.

However no one has yet been found guilty over the assassination which was linked to the Government at the time.

“A decade is a long time to grieve, too long to solve a murder. Too long to come to terms that no one cares but for their benefit which does not include the aggrieved. Sad though, this seem to be the reality. Lasantha certainly did not die in vain. The foundation he set has brought about change in the political spectrum of Sri Lanka. This is visible today in the form of an Independent Judiciary and other Commissions. Will power within those tasked with bringing such perpetrators, who violated all norms of humanity before the Law is the only step towards converting an otherwise barbaric nation to civility,” Lasantha’s brother Lal said in a statement read out a memorial held at Lasantha’s graveside at the Borella cemetery.

In the message read out by Lal’s daughter Raisa, he noted that Lasantha was not the only journalist to lay down his life for penning what he believed in.

He said that many journalists from the North were put down along with him during the darkest period in Sri Lanka’s history.

“We grieve for them today. Lasantha would insist on it,” he said.

He also noted that investigations that were commenced since the Criminal Investigations Department took over have been exhaustive.

It has been reported to Court that the Army Intelligence was behind the dastardly act. Others suspected of being the master minds have been named in Court.

“Four persons have been killed in the cover up. Four innocents. High ranking Police Officers are suspected of tampering with evidence. This was the state of our Nation. Reconciliation and closure will not be possible without prosecution. There is no purpose in asking Who Lasantha is. The World knows who Lasantha was. His writing has proven that and will last the test of time. Let his memory live forever,” Lal Wickrematunge said.

Members of the current Government, other politicians, civil society and friends and journalists were present at the graveside memorial today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There was no media freedom during Mahinda Regime. Te murders are making foreign trips and even wanted to be the President. Knowing all this still some Sri Lankan’s want Mahinda’s regime back . Cannot change the attitude of some Sri Lankan’s


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