Suspect arrested for setting dog on fire in Negombo

A suspect has been arrested for setting a dog on fire in Negombo, the Police said.

The Police said that a 38 year old man was arrested in Periyamulla over the incident.

Animal rights activists said that the Labrador named Charlie was burnt alive in Negombo by trespassers on a private property this week.

Vets had made attempts to save the life of the dog which suffered extensive burn injuries but the animal had died. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. colombogazette, Thanks for keeping this story going and informing the people of the progress. This is good news, but I hope the full weight of the law is used to prosecute this individual, doubt it very much though. Time to name and shame this person.

  2. If found guilty, the punishment should fit the crime. Afterall animals are also living beings who feel emotion and pain. Hope the justice system doesn’t fail. Afterall this will be a deterrent for this type of crime.

  3. Life is life- human or animal. I agree with Annmarie- punishment should fit the crime.

    Agree with Shan- please name the offender – although the monster that committed this crime will not know the meaning of the word ‘shame’.

    In addition, multiple crimes committed by this monster should be taken into account: CRUELTY TO an ANIMAL, ARSON, TRESPASSING, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY ETC.

    Dear Religious leaders, law makers and the general public, please stand up for animal rights.


  4. What else has he got away with in the passed ? and if you let him go
    What will he do next !
    Animal abuse leads to other abuse
    It has been proven time and time again !
    He puts Negombo in a very bad light when decent people are working hard to better thereself!

  5. This is a very Sad, Wicked and Unacceptable Crime and the work of a absolutely CRUEL & SICK mind. It should be treated and sentenced like murder case, Life in Prisonment with no parole. This CRUEL man is a danger to society as well.
    May God forgive him.


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