Police probe incident where dog was set on fire in Negombo

The Police are investigating an incident where a dog was allegedly set on fire in Negombo this week.

Animal rights activists said that the Labrador named Charlie was burnt alive in Negombo by trespassers on a private property.

Vets had made attempts to save the life of the dog which suffered extensive burn injuries but the animal had died.

“Some maniac/s had gone to the dogs kennel in the early hours, doused the dog with kerosene, lit a match and set the dog on fire. The dog was

Before the attack

screaming in agony and the owner was driving around the Negombo area trying to find a vet. Being in London, I contacted Shivanthi who immediately went to the scene. The dog

jumped into her car to be taken to a vets for emergency treatment. This innocent, gentle soul lost his battle for life today after suffering immensely since the attack,” a Facebook post said.

The incident had reportedly taken place on the night of December 31st and the dog died the next day.

The Negombo Police are investigating the incident. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Only in this dam country where evil people do acts such as this and not caught, or taken seriously. No public outrages even by the so called religious leaders. Truly a godless soulless society apart from the few good people. To Burn a living creature alive. The devil really is in paradise.

  2. 31night we found one dog who is prerelease he couldn’t walk ..so sad to see and my daughter and her friend they send him to SOS in who care about dogs…we are so happy that we save one life in New year and that is what we should wish so ..please DO not hurt the poor animals try to be kind enough to them ..

  3. This act of cruelty shows the low grade mentality of the doer and their supporters. May the person/people who did this rot in hell now and forever.

    Come forward you coward – own up. Parents who raised this wrong doer should be ashamed. They did a unforgivable damage to humanity.

    I pray for the soul of the poor dog. May he Rest In Peace.

  4. Justice should be done to innocent animals in Sri Lanka. There are no laws or awareness being created for the betterment of these poor animals in this country. This is a shameless situation.

  5. I don’t have words to describe the disgust I feel. May the person/people who did this rot in hell.

    May the poor dogs soul Rest In Peace.

  6. Please come forward those who are willing to fight this sadism.

    To the police service: please find the offender. We are behind you. We know you can do it.

  7. Some sick bastard with a deranged mind would do a thing like this.
    He seriously needs to get his head examined before he harms a human being

  8. Such a beautiful country but horrific animal abuse exists hence i don’t want to go back to SL and i don’t advice any animal lovers to travel there because of the discusting treatment of animals over there

  9. it is sad that this happened but why was the dog in a cage? and particularly on 31st night when we all know there is always a bombardment of firecrackers and any dog would be petrified. I also found the video to show him up and about with an IV line hanging. Why was he not put to relax give the ordeal and excruciating pain from the burns. Surely the vets who treated him would know to treat the burns – all the video showed was these raw wounds and him up and moving and been photographed and videoed. I can only presume this was immediately after the incident and later he was actually given the proper treatment as that was not shown anywhere. However, I think anyone who loves a pet as much as many we know do, you never cage such a loving breed of dog (or any dog unless he is extremely vicious) and especially on 31st night.

    One can only hope that Charlie’s death can bring about justice for many unfortunate pets/animals. Both owned and those who roam the streets starving and wounded and parched and in desperate need of love and caring. There are also many cases of abuse by owners so it is not necessarily related to random acts of violence by non owners. Many cases where dogs are beaten and mistreated and any laws put in place must cover every aspect.

  10. me ahinsaka sathata me aparade karapu eka mata ahu wuna nam man okawa marana eka maranawamai ow athhamai me aparade kalakanniya jeewath wela inna owna ekek nemei


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