Rear Admiral Piyal de Silva new Sri Lanka Navy Commander

Navy Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral K. K.T. Piyal de Silva, has been appointed as the new Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy.

He was appointed to the post by President Maithripala Sirisena today.


  1. Mr.President,as it appears shooting incidents in the country is on the increase. People of this country thought after assuming duties of Minister of Police, you will do better than the ministers who held this office previously,because we often heard you saying to media that ” that ministry was not under me,if it was under me,I could have done much better.” If people don’t see that you are handling the ministry extra-ordinarily well,people of this country will definitely come to an assumption that you are more suitable for a Ceremonial President and not for Executive President. People wish to see crime rate goes down abnormally fast, because now Army,Navy,Air-Force and Police is in your purview.


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