Action to be taken on violation of local laws at Chinese sites in Sri Lanka

Minister of National Integration, Official Languages, Social Progress and Hindu Religious Affairs, Mano Ganesan says action is to be taken on the violation of local laws at Chinese sites in Sri Lanka.

“We can’t tolerate violations of local language laws at Chinese sites in Sri Lanka. We wish to provide assistance, if any required and plan to engage with all including the Chinese Embassy,” Ganesan tweeted.

He said that Chinese in Sri Lanka should respect local laws.

Ganesan said that his Ministry has initiated action on a sign board at the Metro Colombo Solid Waste Management Project.

The sign board has the name in Sinhalese, Mandarin and English and not Tamil.

“We are receiving complains on sign boards at Chinese projects using Mandarin & English scripts only ignoring both or one of the official languages, IE., Sinhala & Tamil,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The long term plan of China is to introduce Chinese language in Sri Lanka ignoring other languages . Minister has to clip the plan in the bud. Strict instruction should be given Chinese embassy to follow the Sri Lankan official language cat


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