Night club accident kills one, injures two

One person was killed and two others sustained injuries following an accident at a night club in Nawam Mawatha today.

The Police said that a malfunction of an elevator at Green Lanka Towers where the night club is located, resulted in the accident.

Several people who were attending the ‘Amuseum’ night club were in the elevator at the time of the accident.

According to the Police, the elevator had stalled owing to an overload when it was on its way from the ground floor to the ninth floor where the club is located.

The elevator had than crashed to the ground. The Police said that 24 year old Kokila Sammandaperuma, a resident of Battaramulla, was killed in the accident while two others sustained injuries and were admitted to hospital.

Sammandaperuma was reportedly crushed between the lift and the side wall when he attempted to jump out of the lift.

The Papare website reported that Kokila Sammandaperuma was a CR & FC prop forward.

He has represented CR & FC from the start of his professional career and is a household name at the Longdon Place club.

The Slave Island Police are conducting further investigations. (Colombo Gazette)


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