Fonseka and Range Bandara still listed for Ministry posts

Former Ministers Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and Range Bandara are still listed for Ministry posts, Minister Vajira Abeywardena said today.

He said that there was an issue over Fonseka and Bandara and this resulted in the two not being appointed today.

However Abeywardena said that Fonseka and Bandara are still in the list of names given by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to President Maithripala Sirisena as the nominees for Ministerial posts.

He said that the Prime Minister was in talks with the President and Fonseka and Bandara are expected to be appointed as Ministers soon.

It was reported the President had refused to appoint Fonseka and Bandara as Ministers.

Fonseka had been accused by the President of being part of a plot to kill him while Bandara had leaked an audio recording of the President attempting to get Bandara to join the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government before Wickremesinghe was made Prime Minister. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As it seems it’s a cock and bull story,because if Mr.Sarath Fonseka had been accused of being part of a plot,Why he is still not been arrested ? If Mr. Range Bandara had fabricated a story ,Why he was not arrested up to now? Moreover,President being the current Minister of Police,Law and Order,he can very well instruct Police to arrest two men and investigate into the matters. Without doing what is really necessary these personnel are being penalized.

  2. He has no power at all to hold these gentlemen’s appontements.I don’t understand the mentality of this uneducated bias president. Its time to impeach this man for treason and put him behind bars for the sake of the innocent srilankans.


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