‘Crawl to Fame’ IRONMAN Tri-Athlete Julie Moss in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka gets ready for the second edition on IRONMAN 70.3 Colombo, on February 24th, 2019, a global IRONMAN icon Julie Moss is set to land on the shores of the island.  She is set to meet and speak to professionals about her IRONMAN experiences at a sip and share event on 21st February 2019, at the Shangri-La Colombo.  Julie will speak on what it takes to summon the strength of body and mind in sport and beyond.

Moss an IRONMAN legend made global headlines in 1982 when she took part Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. She made history when she crawled to the finish line, having collapsed just metres from the end of the race. It was her first competitive triathlon and she came second, showcasing her determination to finish the race.Moss is a member of the IRONMAN Hall of Fame and 10-time IRONMAN finisher.

An ideal event for corporates as it gives senior executives inspiration and insight on how they can achieve or work towards achieving your goals even in tough times. Speaking about her arrival in Sri Lanka, Julie Moss said, “It’s always encouraging to see new destinations for IRONMAN, I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with Sri Lanka and as they say in IRONMAN ‘anything is possible’. I had a spiritual awakening in 1982 that taught me what it takes to be a champion, which is a deep connection between body and mind. You have to start with something unimaginable and then let it percolate not just in your mind, but down to your heart. When you get your heart and your mind going, your body will follow.”

The full IRONMAN course is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km run and the year Julie did her first attempt it was only in its fourth year, and the 23-year-old graduate student at Cal Poly had chosen to complete it as part of her research for her senior thesis project in exercise physiology. In front of spectators and the world media, Moss found herself in the lead. Then, just yards from the finish, her legs collapsed. She pushed herself up from the ground and fell again and again, eventually crawling across the line finishing in second place.

The IRONMAN is known worldwide for its superior test of patience, stamina and strength. However, possessing these skills aren’t always enough as it takes perseverance, strong willpower and an unshaken determination to succeed. This is exactly what, legendary triathlete Julie Moss had when she finished her first IRONMAN race back in 1982 with neither any experience in the crazy world of marathons nor any training prior to the event.

Challenge yourself by being part of the sip and share with Julie Moss, for more information contact +94 77 212 1266.


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