US Embassy warns citizens ahead of UNP rally

The US Embassy in Colombo urged US citizens to exercise caution during the major rally organised by the United National Party (UNP) at Galle Face today.

The Embassy informed US citizens of the political rally that will be held today at Galle Face Green.

Approximately 50,000 people were expected to attend the event.

The Embassy said that American Center operations will be closed to the public beginning at 12pm and the US Embassy will be closed to the public from 3pm today.

The Embassy reminds citizens that even rallies intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.

“You should avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations,” it said.

The Embassy told citizens to expect traffic delays and possible road closures along the route of the procession, avoid the areas of the demonstrations, exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests, monitor local media for updates and keep a low profile. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dr Fidel Castro, the world famous socialist revolutionary and the President of Cuba for more than 40 years, before he died, answered some questions about socialism and Democracy

    He stated the absolute political truth that astonished many people all over the world. They are;
    a) Socialism leads to Communism,
    b) The best form of government is “Social Democracy” practiced in Sweden.

    When these findings of Castro are applied to Sri Lanka(SL), we observe how socialism by SLFP swiftly changed to Communist type of dictatorship and Sinhala Buddhist extremism (SBE); by different SLFP leaders who were in power;

    1.Socialist SWRD Bandaranayake changed SL into “Sinhala Only”, as dictatorship of Sinhalese on indigenous Tamils: living in their traditional homeland of North and East (NE) of SL for over 2500 years .

    2.The next Socialist and SLFP Prime Minister, Srimavo Bandaranayake, first sent the SL military in 1960s to occupy the NE of SL. In the first illegal and unilateral leftist republic constitution, SL was declared a Sinhala Buddhist country, never one any time in history, to expand SBE and increase the dictatorship of Sinhalese on Tamils

    3. The next SLFP President Chandrika Kumaratunge carried out a ruthless war against Tamil armed resistance movements fighting to obtain Tamil legitimate rights.

    4. Mahinda Rajapakse of SLFP, two term President, brought his family dynasty rule, dictatorship and SBE. He carried out a war against LTTE and killed about 100,000 Tamils, asked by the UN to seek refuge in a “ No Fire Zone” for safety.

    On 26-11-2018, Present SLFP President Maithripala Sirisena, SBE and Mahinda Rajapakse who has a wealth of U$ 18 Billion as stated in Forbes Magazine, violated the constitution, and crafted a dictatorship against the sovereign Country of SL, crushing democracy at the same time.

    Fidel Castro was absolutely right socialism has turned into dictatorship in SL.

    The UN has so far failed to protect the people. The UN must intervene with urgency and investigate the cruel and corrupt dictators, before any attempt is made by SLFP for next dictatorship.

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