Sri Lanka briefs Canada on political situation

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Canada, Asoka Girihagama met Yasmin Ratansi, MP, senior member of the Federal Parliament from the ruling Liberal Party and the Chair of the Canada – Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group, the Foreign Ministry said today.

During the meeting, High Commissioner Girihagama briefed Ratansi on the current political situation in Sri Lanka, bilateral relations between Sri Lanka – Canada, reconciliation and democracy.

The High Commissioner also discussed the need to further enhance the promotion of trade and investment between Sri Lanka and Canada and referred to Ratansi’s visit to Sri Lanka in March 2017, when she led the Canada – Sri Lanka Business Convection 2017 delegation with 21 business leaders and two Canadian Members of Parliament.

MP Ratansi visited Sri Lanka again when she led a delegation of Canadian Parliamentarians to Sri Lanka as the Chair of the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in November 2017. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. First and foremost importance is resolving the Tamil ethnic group issue in Sri Lanka. about 3K Tamils live in Canda, most of them came as Refugees after 1983 Riots Their relations in Sri Lanka are badly affected by the Sri Lankan government policy Many of them are kept as political prisoners. Army occupying the lands of Tamils and many such HR violations

  2. The people of SL were extremely joyous by lighting crackers, singing and dancing on the streets like people who just gained independence for their country. Impartial justice by their independent, truthful, capable and courageous supreme court justices, triggered the people’s uncontainable and spilling over joy. They experienced liberty and justice in a real sense that democracy can bring to a country.

    Before court action on this matter, extremist and dictatorship minded persons, tried to prevent this court action before it started, with a fraudulent intent, to pervert justice. They brought in the former Chief Justice Sarath De Silva, Lawyers Association of SL, Buddhist monk leaders of Malwatte Chapter and Namal Rajapakse amongst others inside SL to say loudly to the people that dissolving the parliament by the President was constitutional.

    Not being satisfied, they published a statement by Lord Neaseby of the house of Lords that the dissolution was constitutional.

    But the 3 judges court gave a court injunction. Unwilling to accept the truthful verdict they appealed to have more judges. Even 7 judges, confirmed unanimously again the same verdict.

    When a person has toxic and ethnic hateful thoughts settled in the mind, extremism takes control of him. He becomes utterly blind folded to the truth and reality of Justice.

    It was not the verdict that needed an appeal, but the correcting of Sinhala Buddhist extremism and undoing of the toxic thoughts and actions of it.


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