US lawmaker says Sri Lanka was forced to surrender sovereignty

Asserting that Sri Lanka was forced to surrender the sovereignty of its deep-water port, Hambantota, a powerful US lawmaker on December 11 sought an end to the Chinese debt trap, the Press Trust of India reported.

China was defrauding small countries with nonviable infrastructure projects and was charging exorbitant rates that the poor countries could not afford, alleged Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats.

“When countries cannot make their payments, China seizes physical control of the assets, with strategic deep-water ports being its top target,” he said.

“This debt trap must stop. We are seeing it across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Sri Lanka is now in a terrible constitutional crisis, in part because the country is drowning in unsustainable debt to the Chinese Communists. Sri Lanka has been forced to surrender its sovereignty of its deep-water port, Hambantota,” Rohrabacher said.


  1. American natives, Canadian and Australian Aboriginal people lost their sovereignty since the 17th century due to the Western invasion. On top of that Sri Lanka was captured by the West in 1505 and ripped off until 1948. People who live on others homelands are talking about China’s investments all around the world. China has done more to struggling Africans than Australian government has done to its Aboriginal people who are the real owners of Australia.


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