Port City sponsors book on social etiquette for students

The Sinhala version of a children’s book based on the analects of renowned Chinese Philosopher Confucius, translated by Venerable Bodagama Chandima Thero, was donated by Port City, to be distributed amongst schools.

Confucius was a great Chinese scholar, teacher and educator. He was born in China about two thousand five hundred years ago. Confucius deeply influenced Chinese culture, and this influence extends throughout the world even today. He believed that moral principles, virtues, and discipline should be the very first lessons to be taught to a child, and that a child needs to practice them daily.

The main outline of this book is based on the teachings of Confucius compiled and edited over a period stretching thousand of years explains the standards of living for young children that would help in their early development.  The book titled, ‘Standards for being a good student and Child’ spells out the need to respect parents and teachers and the importance of inculcating good practices that would make them responsible citizens in the future.

Venerable Bodagama Chandima Thero, Chief Prelate of the Manelwatta Temple, Professor and Dean of the Nagananda International Buddhist University, translated the book with the intention of introducing Confucius’s precepts to local students.  The Thero requested Port City’s assistance in printing the book, for distribution to local schools.  Speaking at the ceremony held at the University premises where the project company handed over the first set of 2,000 books, Chandima Thero said that he had studied Chinese culture and traditions over the last 30 years and was of the opinion that the teachings of the great philosopher would be of benefit to local students.

The Thero thanked the project company for their support in helping him to take this knowledge to local students.  He also said that China Harbour Engineering Company had been greatly encouraging and helpful in completing the Nagananda International Buddhist university building, which is scheduled to officially open in two years time.  The university once complete will be able to provide boarding facilities to 5000 international students and 1000 local students.  Currently it houses 600 students including foreign students from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

The ceremony to handover the books was attended by Assistant General Manager of Port City Colombo Simon Tham and Head of Public Relations Kassapa Senarath.


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