Government MPs boycott Parliament sessions

Government Parliamentarians boycotted Parliament sessions today.

When Parliament met at 1pm Government Parliamentarians failed to attend the sessions and the Government seats were empty.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya opened the sessions and went ahead with the agenda for the day.

Government MPs met earlier and decided they will boycott Parliament sessions today.

Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that the Government has decided to boycott Parliament till Speaker Karu Jayasuriya recognises the Government.

Last week, Government MPs attended the initial session of Parliament but later walked out.

The Speaker had ruled recently that he will not recognise the new Government or Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He gave the ruling after the Government lost a no-confidence vote in Parliament.

During Parliament sessions today several United National Front Parliamentarians (UNF) praised Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for standing up for democracy in Parliament.

The Speaker, meanwhile, said that he is prepared to face a no-confidence vote on him if anyone has concerns over his recent actions. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ceylon was a rich country. It gave loan to Britain from its reserves. It practiced democracy and good governance, till SWRD Bandaranayake (SWRD) a Christian, denouncing his Christian faith became a Buddhist and joined Sinhala Buddhist extremists, with a view to grab unjust political power.

    During his rule from 1956, democracy was abused and good governance was side lined.
    Prior to independence in 1948, in State Council, SWRD stated Federalism as the best solution for the peaceful country of Ceylon. During his rule in 1958, he passed the Sinhala extremist “Sinhala only Bill” violating section 27 of the constitution. The Bill required two third majority. SWRD failed to get two third majority but he implemented undemocratically and illegally the bill, without the required majority, violating the constitution. Britain did not take appropriate remedy in its Dominion of Ceylon.

    Realising his injustice, SWRD signed Banda-Chelva pact (BC Pact). SJV Chevanayakam QC, was the leader of the Federal Party (FP) backed by 67% of NE Tamils, demanded Federalism for the North and East of Ceylon. SWRD later tore down the BC pact Unilaterally. Therefore, BC Pact remains valid to this day. Perhaps, a court case in Britain should be started for remedy..

    SWRD was assassinated by a Buddhist monk. His wife Srimavo Bandaranayke became the leader of SLFP and the PM of the country. She violated democracy and good governance in 1960s when she sent military for the first time ever, to the North and East, to smash down nonviolent and peaceful protesters, injure them, arrest FP leaders and put them in House arrest for many years, without negotiating with them. This caused LTTE to emerge as a Liberation Movement.
    In 1972 Srimavo Unilaterally and undemocratically passed the first Republican Constitution without any participation by FP, the main party of indigenous Tamils in the North and East further, an island wide referendum was not held, a normal requirement for any constitution.

    When Ian Smith, unilaterally declared the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia, present Zimbabwe, as Independent Republic in 1965, Britain imposed economic Sanctions but did not do in 1972 to its dominion of Ceylon

    In retrospect, even after 60 years, SLFP is engaged now also in State Terrorism against Democracy and governance. SLFP is hell bent to violate the constitution of SL. Surely, we need intervention by Britain or the UNSG to straighten up events which were overlooked since 1948.


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