Businessman prepares to contest Parliament polls

Businessman Rohan Pallewatta is preparing to contest the Parliament elections through his new political party.

Pallewatta first came into the spotlight after he announced plans to contest the 2020 Presidential elections.

However his party, the Social Democratic Party of Sri Lanka (SDP), is now looking to contest the Parliament elections if it takes place before the Presidential elections.

SDP has started enrolling members to contest the election.

The party was established as a result of prolonged discussions and dialog that took place among many like-minded professionals and civic conscious sections of society, who are especially critical and concerned about the systematic destruction and distancing of Sri Lanka’s hopes for a better future as a country.

As a political party, they are aiming to accede to power by the presentation of law abiding, ethical, moral, efficient, effective and honest candidates to help citizens to achieve their goals in a peaceful country. (Colombo Gazette)



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