Tense situation involving anti raggers of Peradeniya Uni

A tense situation arose between two groups inside the Peradeniya university today.

The situation arose when the ‘Anti Raggers of the University of Peradeniya’ obtained permission from the Dean and Proctor of the university to take an anti-rag batch photograph.

When they were about to take the photograph another group of students walked in, resulting in a tense situation.

“We booked a hall in the correct procedure and remained only inside that hall. We were forming queues to take the photo when a bunch of raggers (I think about 40-50) walked right in and started lifting the photographers’ equipment. They also yelled at us and started swearing etc. And a fight started. They left the hall and surrounded it with more people. Threatened to splash water/mud when we came out. Stole some chords and equipment,” the Anti Raggers of the University of Peradeniya said.

They said that a complaint was lodged with the university Dean over the incident while a police complaint was also filed as some equipment had been stolen. (Colombo Gazette)


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