Imported European and hybrid dairy cattle mismanaged

Over 5000 imported European and hybrid dairy cattle have been mismanaged, the Government said.

The Government information department said that 5,000 European and hybrid dairy cattle imported from Australia and New Zealand, were distributed among the dairy cattle farms over the island.

The Government said that 20-25 litres of milk can be obtained from these cows daily.

However, it has been reported that the daily milk production has been reduced up to 10-15 litres due to poor management and environmental impacts.

As a result the Cabinet of Ministers have approved a proposal presented by Wijith Wijayamuni Soysa, Minister of Fisheries, Aquatic Resources Development and Rural Economy to appoint a Committee of Experts consist of representatives of Department of Animal Production and Health and National Livestock Development Board to implement a project designed to conduct strategic studies and submit recommendations for enhancing efficiency and productivity of those farms. (Colombo Gazette)


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