MP Ranaweera regrets if he slapped a real policeman

Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranaweera says he regrets if his actions last week in Parliament had affected any policeman or Government officer.

Ranaweera was seen on TV slapping a policeman and also throwing chili powder towards the policemen.

The Parliamentarian says he is being unfairly accused over the incident by the media.

In a statement today Ranaweera said that since the policemen were in unmarked uniforms he was not sure if they were policemen or United National Party thugs.

However, he said that if they were really policemen then he regrets his actions. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What you mean real Policemen, you are acting like a baby now, You are number one IRC type act did during the parliament session, Police were all with uniform we can see thru the TV, but this bugger say he don’t know wither real Policemen or not, we saw you are pouring water to the Honorable Speakers Chair, and according to the video clip Mahindaanda instructing to you to keep ready the chili mix water and throw when He say to you, that also clearly hear and slapping to the policemen, also threatening,to the speaker during the session.

    We citizen must hit from our slipper to our face for electing rowdies to he parliament what a shame to saee he whole world witnessed.

  2. This rowdy must be put away in prison for what he did to a law officer, Speakers Chair and thowing Chilli water to the policemen and senior Politicians . This is a criminal act which could cause blindness and can be categorized under grievous hurt, he could be sentenced for over 6 months. he should lose his civic rights, and barred from contesting again for 7 years

  3. Very correct he proved him self again that he is uneducated,simply he cannot even recognise a sri Lankan policeman in uniform. SHAME ON YOU

  4. What a state of affairs! May be this man “so called MP” is suffering from dementia or pretending to be. Who is he try to hoodwink – “the right thinking citizens ” of this country? He is sadly mistaken if he thinks the people of this beautiful island are fools. Citizens of mother Lanka, let’s stand united at this sad moment in time, to defeat these hooligans and send them back home! Let’s stand to gether as citizens who truly love this country and bring in true servants to serve the country.

  5. I am from the same election province where this Prassanna Ranaweera live and doing politics, this is the 100% attitude of this guy, he was a person with less educated and many years just loitering around our Hunupitiya, Dippitigoda area kelaniya pradeshiyasaba, with some influence he become a minister by giving bribes and personal benefits of the local people, now he become a minister. THIS IS THE MAIN MISTAKE OF THE PEOPLE OF OUR AREA. By next election we have to send him off and bring a professional person.


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