Great music, entertainment and more with Danu & Kevin on Red Mornings

The Morning Show on Red 107.8FM has relaunched featuring Danu & Kevin as your hosts every weekday from 6AM-10AM.

Danu & Kevin have a fun chemistry that goes well for your morning drive, and their years in the industry helps them bring their A game to the show.

They’re excited to be sharing a studio once again as they bring you a Morning Show that is filled with laughter, great music, entertainment, and discussions that listeners from all walks of life can identify with.

Red Mornings will be a show known for fun giveaways, trending topics, interviews and so much more!

Speaking to Danu he had this to say, “It’s so great to be back on the Morning Show, and there’s nothing like having listeners text in and interacting with us, and they always end up being our Morning family. Its FUN to host the show with Kevin. We get to talk about our lives and relate with each other on our own struggles which are shared with our listeners as well.”

Kevin says, “Doing the show with Danu is so easy and natural and we have a great time, the show just flies by! The fun we have in the studio is something we enjoy sharing with our listeners so they get to start their mornings on a light note.”

Join Danu & Kevin every weekday from 6AM-10PM for a Morning Show that will be the right start to your day only on your official nostalgic radio station RED 107.8.


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