US, UK accused of interfering in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs

A Government Minister today accused the United States and the United Kingdom of interfering in the domestic affairs of Sri Lanka.

Minister of National Integration, Reconciliation, and Official Languages Vasudeva Nanayakkara today slammed Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for meeting diplomats in Parliament, after Parliament was prorogued.

In a media statement the Minister said that he was “shocked” that the Speaker entertained diplomats in his Parliament office after Parliament was prorogued, including the Ambassadors of the US and UK.

He noted that the US and UK had recently raised concerns over the alleged intrusion into their electoral and political sphere by other countries.

“In such a context I fail to comprehend your tolerance of the intrusive conduct of these Ambassadors of the US and US et al in the affairs of our state,” he said.

He also alleged that it is an open secret that some of these western countries played an active role in the 2015 elections to oust the then regime. (Colombo Gazette)



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