UPFA warns Karu of serious consequences

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) today warned Speaker Karu Jayasuriya of serious consequences if he fails to recognize Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister.

UPFA MP Susil Premajayantha said that the UPFA will look to replace the Speaker if he acts in an undemocratic manner.

Speaking at a UPFA rally near Parliament today, Premajayantha said that by November 14th the new Government will be able to show it has the support of over 120 members of Parliament.

He said that a motion submitted to the Speaker last week by the United National Party with 116 signatures has now changed.

He said that some of those who signed the motion are now supporting the new Government and will show their support on November 14th.

Premajayantha also warned that if Ranil Wickremesinghe fails to leave Temple Trees he will be put out by the public. (Colombo Gazette)


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