Rosy suspects sabotage of street lights during demo

Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake has raised suspicions of sabotage during a protest at the Liberty Roundabout this evening.

It was brought to her notice that street lights around the Liberty Roundabout failed to come on at the usual time this evening.

Groundviews tweeted images of a demonstration staged at the Liberty Roundabout this evening calling for Parliament to be reconvened early to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the country.

It was noted during the protest that the street lights had not been turned on at the usual time in the area this evening forcing the protest to continue in darkness.

“It was brought to my notice that the street lights around the Liberty Roundabout failed to come on at the usual time this evening, leaving this important and busy intersection in complete darkness. I immediately despatched a team to check on this and had the lights manually switched on,” Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake tweeted.

Senanayake said that there was evidence of sabotage with the obvious purpose of disrupting the well attended protest demonstration held by civil society groups at the roundabout.

“This not only placed in grave danger the lives of the demonstrators but also that of other pedestrians at this busy intersection and must be deplored by all civic minded citizens. I have instituted steps to ensure there is no repetition,” she said.

She also said that an inquiry into this matter will be commenced immediately and severe consequences meted out to anyone implicated in the sabotage. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Do not speculate if you are not sure. Investigate and find out the truth and then speak.
    This is the whole problem & the curse with you politicians. SPECULATION to ones advantage.
    Never can we have a honest politician these days.


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