TNA decides to vote in support of no-confidence motion against MR

The Tamil National Alliance has decided to vote in support of the no-confidence motion against Mahinda Rajapaksa in Parliament.

A TNA statement said that at a party leaders’ meeting of the constituent parties of the Tamil National Alliance last evening it was decided that according to the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the President does not possess the authority to remove a Prime Minister who is in office.

Such authority that vested in the President previously was specifically repealed by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. In these circumstances the Gazette notification declaring that the Prime Minister had been removed and another Prime Minister appointed are unconstitutional and illegal, the TNA said.

The Tamil National Alliance also considers the President’s decision to prorogue Parliament made following the above actions as undemocratic and in violation of Parliamentary Supremacy. After having declared as Prime Minister a Member who does not command the confidence of Parliament, this had been done in order to create delay and prevent such Member from having to prove a majority in Parliament.

The Tamil National Alliance strongly condemns and opposes the undemocratic efforts to use such delay to bribe Members of Parliament with both money and Ministerial posts to induce them to cross over in order to fraudulently obtain a majority in Parliament.

“We strongly oppose and condemn Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament S. Viyalendran being a part of this conspiracy. Necessary action will be taken against him immediately,” the TNA said.

For the above reasons, the Tamil National Alliance says it will vote in support of the No Confidence Motion to be brought against the Government headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has been unconstitutionally and illegally appointed as Prime Minister.

The TNA says remaining “neutral” in such a situation, would pave the way for achieving an undemocratic end by force. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. A Good News for the People of Sri Lanka

    Insha Allah Ranil expect them as president!

    Most importantly, the representatives of the Tamil people and representatives of the Muslim people have so far not been able to create any reputation in the unity and livelihood of the people, but “all these ways to bring the democratic population to their right to a proper leadership. That’s the reason for keeping it!

    So we have repeatedly said that the man can be wrong and these loyal followers are the only thing that will be “the best opportunity to bargain with money and position!

    But this is not the case, it is not the prime minister who has been spending for people with Mahinda’s efforts to call Ranat for a warrant, which was issued by the World Secret Coalition. So a compulsion for anyone to join them will certainly be forced to resign because “the government will have to buy and pay only when it comes to”, because they know well that people will not fight for them. So the box must have a snake!

    Export, import trade and agriculture lands in the country will be the next government!

    In the end,

    Country “People are united with prosperity and prosperity!

    You must be changed. “If you refuse, your circumstances will change!

    Allahu Akbar!


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