SL Rupee appreciates against USD

The Sri Lankan Rupee appreciated against the US Dollar today, after depreciating over the past several days.

The selling price of the Rupee appreciated to 175.82 against the US Dollar today. Yesterday the selling price of the Rupee was Rs. 177.32 against the US Dollar.


  1. This has nothing to do with the political situation in Sri Lanka.
    Yesterday and today, the other globally freely traded currencies moved significantly higher against the USD.
    EX: Sterling Pound 2.71%, from a low of 1.2695 on 31st Oct. to a high of 1.3040 today the 2nd Nov.
    Chinese Yuan 1.85%, low of 6.9796 on 31st to 6.8523 high today the 2nd Nov.
    Euro 1.36%, 1.1301 low on 31st to 1.1455 high today the 2nd Nov.
    Indian Rupee 2.58%, 74.01 low on 31st to 72.15 high today the 2nd Nov.

    In comparison, Sri Lanka Rupee’s move is less than 1.0%.
    Let there be no breast beating by political ignoramus in this regard…


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