US Defence Secretary says Sri Lanka lost sovereignty over harbour

US Defence Secretary James Mattis said Sri Lanka lost sovereignty over its own harbour as a result of the deal with China.

Mattis was referring to the deal between Sri Lanka and China on the Hambantota port.

Speaking at the US Institute of Peace (USIP) the US Defence Secretary said that there are concerns among some countries over China using debt on nations they know cannot repay it.

“And then you see what happened in Sri Lanka, where they lost sovereignty over their own harbour. One of those issues, I’ll be talking, obviously, with my counterpart about here in Washington, shortly,” he said.

China has, however, in the past denied allegations of using debt to trap countries like Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Unfortunately Diego Garcia is the problem. US cannot bring secret flights to Diego Garcia if Harbor is active. USA, please stay away from Sri Lanka politics.

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