Sajith disappointed Vasantha joined MR despite earlier claims

United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa today said that he was disappointed that UNP Parliamentarian Vasantha Senanayake joined the Government of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Asked by reporters about Senanayake accepting a Ministerial post in the new cabinet, Premadasa said he was very disappointed.

Vasantha Senanayake took oaths today as the Minister of Tourism and Wildlife.

Speaking to reporters at Temple Trees yesterday Senanayake said he will only support a UNP Prime Minister.

Senanayake said that he had some concerns over the direction the UNP is heading.

However he said that in Parliament he will only support the Prime Minister nominated by the UNP, whoever that may be. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “ARASAN ANDU ARUPAAN – DEIVAM NINDARUKUM” (The king will punish instantly – but God will wait and punish” is a Tamil proverb that suits the present political situation for Ranil Wickremasinghe.
    The Muslim Community should support Mahinda Rajapaksa and Team when they form the New Government on November 16th., 2018, Insha Allah. This is also a good time for the Muslim Community to look in the mirror and bring about changes in the “POLITY” of the Muslim Community and the ACJU. Mahinda Rajapaksa should be advised to be ALERT about the “MUNAAFIKK” Muslim politicians, the ACMC, SLMC and the other Muslim so-called Civil Society and community leaders who will FLOCK to him to gain personal benefits trying to say they are the Muslim votes. The fact remains NOW that the Muslim voters are acting on their own and do NOT wish to be represented by these “MUNAAFIKK and DECEPTIVE POLITICIANS”, Insha Allah. It is time up that a NEW POLITICAL FORCE that will be honest and sincere that will produce “CLEAN” and diligent Muslim Politicians to stand up and defend the Muslim Community politically and otherwise, especially from among the YOUTH, has to emerge from within the Sri Lanka Muslim Community to face any new election in the coming future, Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.


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