Uber and Pick Me drivers protest, some drivers threatened

Several Uber and Pick Me drivers staged a protest in Colombo today over the commission charged by the respective companies from them.

The protesting drivers also threatened some Uber and Pick Me drivers who operated their vehicles without joining the strike.

Uber drivers parked their cars along Green Path and staged a protest walk to the Uber office.

The protesters said that they were suffering as a result of the high commission charged by the companies, particularly Uber, for each taxi hire.

They said that some vehicle owners have been forced to give back their vehicles to leasing companies after being unable to pay the vehicle lease.

The protesters demanded that Uber withdraw from Sri Lanka saying they were hurting local taxi drivers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Uber is a Ponzi scheme: They lure drivers with benefits at the start and direct a a greater number of hires. Current drivers are paid up to Rs 30,000 for each new driver they enroll.

    Once the rates start to drop and the drivers are forced to run in lower vehicle classes, they are already stuck with a vehicle and a finance.

    They have to be regulated along with their rates and method of operation.

    Technology is wonderful – But they need to follow the rules

  2. If those companies have any guts and have a back bone they should stop giving runs to all those who refrained from duty yesterday . Heard that many other drivers are desperately trying to enroll themselves. You give in now you are going to suffer as there will be no end to their demands .

  3. Why is it right for Uber to start whatever they wish when the demand is high and not for the local taxi driver or the bus conductor in the name of technology?

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