Foreign expert accused of doing a hatchet job for Sri Lanka

A foreign expert appointed by the former Government has been accused of doing a hatchet job for Sri Lanka.

Rodney Dixon, who is now part of a commission appointed by Zimbabwe, has been accused by a researcher of being paid by Sri Lanka to clear the allegations against the Government.

Dixon is part of a Commission of Inquiry appointed to investigate violence which broke out in Zimbabwe in August.

Researcher Makomborero Haruzivishe attacked the credibility of the commission, particularly Rodney Dixon, whom he accused of doing a hatchet job for the government of Sri Lanka during a similar commission, Zim eye reported.

“It is not your CV that worries me, but things that you have done. Like I told you, I am a researcher and I know that you participated in a commission similar to this one in Sri Lanka,” he said.

“There was an outcry when you and other members of your team were paid $400 million and with your coming here, taxes have been raised. Tell me how much you are being paid because you are not here for free? I am concerned that you might just be here to cleanse the atrocities of August 1.”

Dixon had attempted to assure Haruzivishe that his CV, which states that he speaks on behalf of army commanders, governments and politicians, would not affect his work as a commissioner. (Colombo Gazette)