The blackest coffee and Nutella filled kimbulabunis only @DeVosCafe

The coffee drink maybe dark, but it might make your smile pearly white. de Vos Cafe the new kid in town has introduced two unique and delicious items to their menu with the introduction of Colombo’s Blackest Coffee (CBC) and the divine Nutella filled Kimbula bun.

The beverage is made using a natural truly Sri Lankan ingredient coconut, where the flesh is charred, grounded and mixed with handpicked spices ensuring the best of Sri Lanka.

The cafe’s owners gathered inspiration for the CBC on a visit to New York, where a Korean Café was making matte black lattes using coconut shell ash.

The CBC is completely different to its New York counterpart and is a delicious black iced drink made by blending whip cream with a blend of freshly brewed espresso and local powdered coffee, flavoured with a mix of aromatic Sri Lankan spices and burnt coconut shavings to get its unique look and flavour.

The CBC is definitely an Instagram worthy drink but what tops it off is the Sri Lankan classic the Kimbula bunis, which has been enhanced with a filling of Nutella and aptly called the Choc Croc. Ensuring the best in quality and freshness De Vos Café has an in-house bakery which guarantees freshly baked goods on their shelves every day.

Have your fill in the dark side with the CBC and please your sweet tooth with a Choc Croc only at de Vos Cafe located at 34 De Vos Avenue, Colombo 04. Visit their Facebook page on to check out their exciting menu and offers.


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