Shaanea Mendis D’Silva return with “Regeneration

The Barefoot Gallery announced that it will be exhibiting  Shaanea Mendis D’Silva’s new series of work, “Regeneration” from October 12th to November 4th 2018.

The oldest contemporary art gallery in Colombo, The Barefoot Gallery has been serving as a platform for artists, musicians, poets, and filmmakers since the early 1990s.

“Regeneration” is Shaanea Mendis D’Silva’s second exhibition at the Barefoot Gallery and heralds her return to Sri Lanka after being based out of Mumbai, India.

Shaanea’s Indian debut earlier this year saw her work exhibited at the Bombay Art Society  in collaboration with Janata Seva Sangh, a non-profit trust in Mumbai, India, currently spearheaded by Dr. Kavita Pai Vas, established by her father the former Mayor of Mumbai, Dr. Prabhakar S. Pai in 1962.

“Regeneration” is a natural successor to Shaanea’s previous series “Cellscapes ” which was exhibited in Colombo in 2017.

While the title refers to the obvious biological evolution of cells and organisms, Shaanea’s work also draws parallels to our ever evolving urban landscape and the way in which it is moving away from nature, or where nature is forcibly evicted and replaced.

Shaanea has collaborated with Colombo-based researcher and activist Iromi Perera for the exhibition to highlight and draw focus to Colombo’s own regeneration process and what that has meant for the urban dwellers of Colombo. Through her art, she offers commentary  on how structures of power, political and personal agendas and the greed for wealth, control/dominate the larger picture of what is happening around us, and in our society.

One of the highlights is Shaanea’s use of ‘Gold’ metal leaf, which has the potential to oxidise and corrode over time.

Shaanea uses this to represent these political power structures that are in fact corrosive to society. In contrast, she uses fine intricate black and white lines to represent the masses, the underprivileged, the tax paying, hard working folk. These exist side by side and all contribute in making up the current eco-system.

‘Regeneration’ will be Shaanea’s fifth solo exhibition, following shows in Mumbai at The Bombay Art Society (2018), Colombo at Barefoot (2017), the Lionel Wendt (2015) and Harold Pieris (2012) galleries, as well as having group-exhibited in the past in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

In addition, a permanent exhibition of her work is installed at Kopi Kadé, Stratford Avenue, Sri Lanka. Most recently, she has collaborated with Veronel – Art and People, Poland, who represent and promote her work in Poland and the EU.

Shaanea holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

‘Regeneration’ previews on October 11th and will run from October 12th – November 1st at the Barefoot Gallery. Barefoot Gallery is open from 10am – 7pm Monday to Saturday and 11am – 6pm on Sunday.


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