Maldives Elections Commission members seek refuge in Sri Lanka

At least four members of the Maldives Elections Commission have sought refuge in Sri Lanka following threats to their lives.

The Raajje TV website in the Maldives reported that commission members Amjad Musthafa, Ahmed Akram, Ali Nashaath, and Ismail Habeeb are currently residing in Sri Lanka.

Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union, Tun-Lai Margue met with Ahmed Shareef, president of the Maldivian Elections Commission today.

The Elections Commission said in a tweet that the delegation and commission officials discussed the situation since announcing the results of the September ballots, and the threats they have faced.

Four members of the commission last week flew to Sri Lanka after threats against them and their families escalated.

Some members have also said that they have been threatened by ‘gangs’ that entered their home at midnight, Commission president Shareef has said. (Colombo Gazette)


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