Sri Lankan envoy in Pakistan plays down “burglary”

The Sri Lankan envoy in Pakistan has played down a reported “burglary” at the residence of Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Pakistan.

Acting High Commissioner N.M.M. Anas told The Sunday Morning newspaper a lamp had gone missing and it was reported to the Police and that it was a minor incident.

The Pakistan media reported that in a blatant case of security lapse, burglars entered the home of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Pakistan and stole some lamps and taps.The Express Tribune reported that although the value of the stolen goods was not high, the fact that intruders managed to enter and exit the residence of an envoy was shocking.

Anas however told The Sunday Morning that a Police complaint was filed as it was suspected a staff member had stolen the lamp.He insisted that there was no break-in and so the incident was not serious.


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