President wants civilian land in North-East released by end of the year

President Maithripala Sirisena has issued instructions for civilian land occupied by state authorities in the North and East to be released by the end of this year.

The President’s media division said that the President had issued instructions to conclude releasing land belonging to civilians in the North and East by December 31st.


  1. The speech made by the President of SL last week at the 73rd General Assembly of the UN (UNGA). was like the speeches made for the past 25 years, by the presidents of SL who addressed the UNGA. All were like a cat closing its eyes and drinking milk trying to make the others in the UNGA also close their eyes to the burning issues of Tamils in SL.

    For long 25 years, presidents reverently quoted the teachings of Buddha, word by word, but failed to say the Truth that the teachings have miserably failed to show any results whatsoever. There was hypocrisy and no honesty and transparency, urgently needed by the UNGA to resolve outstanding Tamil issues to ensure peace stability and progress. The presidents spoke of peace, love and harmony. though the Sinhalese were becoming increasingly insensible, cruel, selfish, hateful, wrong and wicked to the cause of Tamils and the reasoning of the International Community..

    President Maithripala Sieisena (MS) said “We are capable of solving our problems in SL internally” but the Tamil issue was unable to be resolved for the past 60 years. All what happened was murder, mayhem and Tamil Genocide in which 32 outside countries were also asked for help by SL to oppress and murder Tamil civilians, their own citizens. as the UN silently watched and is yet to take severe action against the 32 rogue countries which violated the UN Charter. The GSL held several rounds of Peace Talks with LTTE and the cause of failure was internal Sinhala Buddhist racism and extremism. An internal solution is impossible.

    MS should have truthfully spoken about Spontaneous Democratic Peaceful Demonstrations (SDPD) in the North&East of SL. They are called Drawing Attention Demonstrations (DAD) to draw attention to various problems and Issues faced by Tamils about Victims of murder, rape. disappearance, land grab by Buddhist monks, missing persons, and in custody for many years without trial, Private land occupied by the military and several other issues ignored or unattended by the GSL and the UNHRC

    The demonstrations of DAD become viral internationally within few hours and the Truth reaches the world so that the world knows the injustice being done to Tamils. without Selling at the UNGA.

    One can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. This is true of SL and the UN. The UNHRC was trying its best but was cheated by procrastination of SL and now SL has taken the matter to a higher level, The UN Secretary General.

    The UNHRC must therefore send all its resolutions to the UN Secretary General to implement resolutely the contents, appoint judges, seek the truth on Tamil Genocide and pay reparations to families of victims, using force if necessary.

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