Policeman arrested over Thebuwana incident remanded

A Policeman who was interdicted over his unruly behavior in Thebuwana which led to a tense situation yesterday, has been remanded till October 9th.

The Police Sergeant had staged a protest in the Thebuwana junction yesterday with his weapon, demanding that he be treated fairly.

The Police Sergeant had threatened to commit suicide using his weapon and refused to negotiate a settlement with the Police.

The Police Special Task Force (STF) was then deployed to the area and a senior officer attempted to negotiate with the policeman and get him to return his weapon and give up his protest.

However the policemen refused to agree and eventually the STF and Police overpowered the policeman and brought the stand-off to an end.

Gun shots were fired during the attempt to arrest the policeman but no one was injured. (Colombo Gazette)


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