PPM led by outgoing Maldivian President says supporters threatened

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) today said that there has been a spike in threats, cases of assault and bodily harm as well as intimidation against the party’s nationwide support base, including civil service and politically-appointed Government and corporate employees.

In a press statement the PPM said that during the days following the presidential elections the party, led by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, has been working on a smooth transition of all Government responsibilities to the winning opposition coalition, as well as the Party’s immediate assumption of the important role and responsibility as the country’s only opposition party.

As a key pledge of the PPM Government, thousands of Maldivians were employed across the public and private sector as a measure to improve the livelihood of the population.

The recent wave of harassment has been targeted at public servants who have been working loyally and diligently for the Government in the past five years, the PPM said.

PPM said it was alarmed at opposition coalition activists issuing threats of job termination, largely in violation of employment laws and regulations, to tens of thousands of white collar workers, whose families depend solely on their earnings.

Employees of State corporation WAMCO, FENAKA, STELCO, MPL, Regional Airports and STO have been sharing their concerns with the Party Head Office.

PPM is receiving credible information from different islands from the concerned employees that lists are being compiled and staff are receiving threats of dismissal as soon as the new Government resumes office on 17th November 2018.

“We call on the incoming regime to assure Constitutionally-guaranteed job security and a conducive work environment for all public employees, regardless of political persuasion,” PPM said.

PPM recalls the gross violations of workers’ rights throughout the 2008-2012 MDP regime, and urged the incoming regime to refrain from repeating the same abuses.

Prior to the Maldivian Presidential elections just over a week ago the Maldivian opposition had accused Yameen of intimidating opposition members and supporters and the Maldivian media. (Colombo Gazette)