Call to end corporal punishment in Sri Lanka by 2020

The Stop Child Cruelty oraganisation including an Alliance of Professionals and a group of Religious Dignitaries today launched a programme to seek an end to corporal punishment in schools permanently by 2020.

For decades the problem has been escalating steadily in most schools, and attempts taken to eliminate this scourge from the education system have failed.

Violent physical harm inflicted upon children leads to major emotional and psychological scars with consequences which manifest in adulthood. Bullying, aggressive behavior and ragging in universities are few detrimental after effects which have been proven scientifically through credible research.

Globally, 131 countries including Sri Lanka have taken an enlightened stand and taken significant steps to ban CP due to the serious negative impact CP has on the minds of children in their formative years and on society.

ECP 2020 is a unique initiative, which commenced taking all these factors into consideration. This Campaign is unique in that, it is designed by a civil society organization, Stop Child Cruelty but is partnered by the Presidential Secretariat (Daruwan Surakimu) and the Sri Lanka Foundation, two leading Institutions of the Government of Sri Lanka.

ECP 2020 aim is to present a Petition signed by over 2000 committed enthusiasts who want to see Sri Lanka as a nation free from CP. The Pentagon Proposal which has been developed giving the five overarching key components that are essential to make this a reality. These five components refer to the main arms of the government that are responsible for implementation.

Details of the Pentagon Proposal will be made public at the ‘Walk for Real Change’ scheduled on 30th September at 3pm at Independence Square.

The Pentagon Proposal will describe how ECP 2020 can be implemented stage by stage between now and 2020.


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