Maneka Gandhi urges Maithripala to free elephant in chains for 67 years

Indian Union Minister and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi has written to President Maithripala Sirisena, requesting him to free an elephant from the Dehiwala Zoo and elephant orphanage.

Ms Gandhi said many in Sri Lanka have reached out to her about the “plight of Bandula” who is in chains for last 67 years, NDTV reported.

“Sri Lanka is such a gentle and beautiful island. It seems out of character to treat the elephant this way,” the minister said in her letter.

There have been reports in the Sri Lankan media about bleeding wounds on Bandula’s fore limbs, due to heavy chains for years.

Send the elephant to the Ridiyagama National Park to “live free”, said Ms Gandhi.The minister cited examples in India about how elephants are banned in zoos and the gentle giants look “stressed” when chained as they have “same sensitivities as humans.”

The Sri Lankan elephants are an endangered species, mostly pushed to smaller areas as large tracts of forests have been cleared for developmental projects.

The elephant population in Sri Lanka has fallen by 65 per cent since the turn of century as per a World Wildlife Fund or WWF report. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Indians should concern about the human beings first before worrying about animals.

    Singapore has been successful in 53 years, because it has a very small population to guide, plus Indians are minority. Those days Singapore looked up to Sri Lanka. It also learned from the Sri Lankan civil war which was created by India and Singapore made sure that it would not go in that path. It is not too late for Sri Lanka to come up with the help of China, but Indians will be an issue as always have been. Nevertheless the Asian brilliant minds have a strategy to deal with Indians this time. India can’t always continue to be successful on divide and conquer Sri Lanka.

    The Chinese communist party may have adopted one child policy by listening to Sir Winston Churchill.

    The Second World War winning Prime Minister Winston Churchill blamed the Indians themselves for the famine, saying they “breed like rabbits”. He summed up in his own words about Indians: “I hate Indians, they are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” On another occasion, he insisted they were “the beastliest people in the world.”

    Sadly Indians haven’t learned anything from the Second World war winning strategist. When it comes to strategic political maneuvering South Asians’ minds are darker than their skin colour. Sooner China dismantle South Asia and stop them breeding as rabbits is better for Asia and for the world.

  2. An Indian official crime statistics for 2016 shows a woman was raped every 13 minuets, six women were gang-raped every day, a bride was murdered for dowry every 69 minuets and 19 women were attacked with acid every month. This is official numbers, but I believe that actual numbers have to be higher.

    South Asia (Indian subcontinent) has almost 2 billion people, but not even one university rank within 200 in the world. It couldn’t get a gold medal during the last two Olympic Games. It has a record for fighting the longest brutal civil war in Asia in the 21st century, it is known for the most corrupt countries in Asia and topped the list of the most dangerous countries for women. However, it never fails to talk about its Gods and democracy.

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