Australia deports illegal Sri Lankan asylum seekers

At least a dozen Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been forcibly deported back to Sri Lanka, having been put on a specially chartered jet that left Perth at 2am on Tuesday, The Guardian reported.

Some of the men deported had been in detention for more than six years in Australia, while others still had challenges before Australian courts pending. The majority were Tamil, but at least one was Sinhalese.

Guardian Australia has been provided with details of some of those returned but has chosen not to name them out of concern for their safety. Several had reported to Australian authorities they had previously been abducted and tortured by security forces in Sri Lanka.


  1. I support the deportation

    I am a Tamil and I was born in Jaffna. I lived in Jaffna, Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2017. I also traveled all around Sri Lanka. Tamils don’t have issues in Sri Lanka; they are free to study, work and do business in all parts of Sri Lanka.

    I support the deportation, because we don’t want the people who tell lies about their motherland to have a better life while people who study and work hard waiting to get immigrated to Australia.

    Australia doesn’t need people who don’t have skills to contribute, but tell lies about their motherland to jump the queue. Thanks but no thanks. If you want a better life, I encourage you to study and work hard. Plus learn to say good things about your motherland.


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