Sri Lankan Parliamentary delegation holds talks with Modi

A Sri Lankan Parliamentary delegation led by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today.

The Parliamentarians noted the historical ties and shared spiritual and cultural heritage of India and Sri Lanka and expressed appreciation for the deepening of relations between the two countries in recent years. They also noted the benefits from a number of people-centric development cooperation projects being carried out with India’s assistance in Sri Lanka. They agreed that speedy implementation of joint economic projects will bring benefits to the economies and the people of both the countries.

The Indian Prime Minister welcomed the delegation and stressed the importance of such linkages. He stated that the new initiatives for enhancing relations between provincial assemblies and local bodies of the two countries would further deepen significantly the close people-to-people ties and trust between the two countries.

Leader of the Opposition R. Sampanthan of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Douglas Devananda of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) and Mano Ganesan, a Minister in the Ranil Wickeramasinghe government, attended the talks.

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem, Nimal Sripala Desilva of Sri Lankan Freedom Party, Gayantha Karunatilake of United National Party and Vijaya Herath of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna also attended the meeting. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You can talk to anyone, but the brilliant Asian minds will win the game. We manage to eliminate India’s brainchild LTTE with the help of India. Under the British administration Sri Lanka was doing well in Asia. Japan was first and Sri Lanka was second when it comes developments in Asia. However, under the India’s influence Sri Lanka was destroyed by terrorism. Clearly, India can’t lead.

    I am not going to talk about my achievements in a public forum. I am an intellectual and I associate with intellectuals and I enjoy keeping a low profile. Plus South Asians wouldn’t understand or appreciate people like me. I was in Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2017, the way Sri Lanka recognise my skills is utter disgraceful for the evolved 21st century human beings. This is the reason South Asia will not come up.

    An Indian official crime statistics for 2016 shows a woman was raped every 13 minuets, six women were gang-raped every day, a bride was murdered for dowry every 69 minuets and 19 women were attacked with acid every month. This is official numbers, but I believe that actual numbers has to be higher.

    South Asia (Indian subcontinent) has almost 2 billion people, but not even one university rank within 200 in the world. It couldn’t get a gold medal during the last two Olympic Games. It has a record for fighting the longest brutal civil war in Asia in the 21st century, it is known for the most corrupt countries in Asia and topped the list of the most dangerous countries for women. However, it never fails to talk about its Gods and democracy.

    South Asia has been breeding as rabbits in the name of democracy and religion. However, the South Asian countries’ governments don’t have enough resources to create jobs or to educate their citizens or train them as skilled people. Therefore, South Asia will become a liability to South East Asia. Indians as the big brothers have utterly failed to guide their country and the other South Asian countries.

    Singapore government understands the reality and has started to cut down giving permanent residency visa to South Asians; and I support this move. How Indians are behaving in little India is embarrassing. They have meals or have conversation with others while sitting on concrete footpaths. We are also seeing too many South Asians starting to enter illegally to South East Asia. China must act now and start to increase its investment in South Asian countries to avoid a disaster in Asia.

    India hasn’t got a solution, but it will continue to carry on its ideology. Sooner or later China must dismantle India for peace and prosperity of Asia for centuries yet to come. Once the small South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal etc become reasonably developed, Indians states won’t tolerate Indian government’s foolishness and will start to fight for independence from the central government. This way India will be dismantled by its own people.

    China has given value to humanity…

    It takes lots of researches to conclude a title such as this, especially for the person who brought up as a strong Catholic in a democratic environment. I have traveled to China and South Asia extensively for the research purposes. My struggles as a writer in the Western countries also supported my conclusion. China didn’t allow its people to increase the population in the name of human rights or religious freedom. Humanity loses its value when we have a big population, but limited resources.

    Certainly, we don’t value humanity when we allow the people to have children, and expect NGOs to feeding, clothing, providing shelter and basic education. We really degrade humanity when children end up in sleeping under the bridges, train stations and bus stops in the name of democracy. South Asia has a massive population, but limited university admissions, jobs, transportation and housings. Due to the limited resources people are fighting against each other to get hold of those limited resources, including giving bribes.

    When a country has too many uneducated and unskilled people, it will be easier for the foreign powers to manipulate and miss lead those people. Those foolish people will be used to undermine South Asia to achieve foreign interests. Sri Lanka fought the longest brutal civil war decades between the 20th and 21st centuries, because South Asians haven’t evolved; but talented South Asians were systematically eliminated by the foreign powers with the help of uneducated armed groups to impose their agendas in Sri Lanka.

    Worse of all India created terrorism in Sri Lanka; in fact India created a bloody disaster in its own backyard. The West has tricked the developing countries in the name of democracy and human rights. The West uses human development strategy to keep the developing countries under them. The West indirectly encourages the Indian Subcontinent to breed as rabbits in the name of democracy and religious freedom. Now people are everywhere in South Asia with limited resources.

    Therefore, people have to turn against each other to get hold of the limited resources, or move to the Western countries; either the way the West is the winner. Notably, China did not fall for the Western countries’ trick. China has been playing its game wisely. I am pleased with how China has been handling its population and manufacturing sector. China is a solution for the rest of Asia, especially for South Asia. Sooner or later Asians will accept this bitter truth whether they like it or not.

  2. This meeting room does not have the best brains in South Asia. Most of them are ripping off their own people and deliberately pushing the talented South Asians to the West so they can continue to keep their positions. The dragon has a responsibility to dismantle this group, if it wants a prosperous Asia for many centuries as the West ruled this world for the last 700 years.


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