Pakistan’s UMT to expand into Sri Lanka

As part of its internationalization initiatives, University of Management and Technology (UMT) has stepped up admission expansion drive in SAARC member, Sri Lanka.

Recently, chairman UMT Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad visited different cities of Sri Lanka including the capital Colombo where he hold talks with the government officials and briefed them about growing higher education trends in South Asian region.

In Colombo, Dr. Murad had a day-long activity that comprised of orientation presentations where a great number of Sri Lankan students showed up and submitted their queries regarding travelling to Pakistan and studying there.

Dr. Murad thoroughly answered to the queries forwarded by Sir Lankan students and helped them chalk out a perfect plan regarding studying in Pakistan’s best universities. He told the Sri Lankan students that Pakistan was a land of abundant opportunities and investment, which was on the track of rapid development and innovation in all fields of life including education.

He said UMT was one of the leading prestigious universities located in the heart of cultural city Lahore and that there were world-class facilities and scholarships available for international students especially for SAARC countries.

Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad also called on Sri Lankan Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Risad Badhiutheen in his office where he strongly presented the case of higher education. He told Sri Lankan officials that “collaboration in higher education is to bridge up gap among all SAARC countries and open up new vistas of human development”. He said academic collaboration was one of the best ways that if taken could further improve bilateral relations and pave way for sustainable human development.

Minister Risad Badhiutheen was deeply impressed with the quality education program launched by Pakistan’s premier universities like UMT.

He said that being members of SAARC, both Sri Lanka and Pakistan had strong friendly ties.

He appreciated Pakistani government’s endeavors toward curbing insurgency from the Sri Lankan soil and helping ease fertilizer crisis. Mr. Badhiutheen assured full support on the behalf of Sri Lankan government to encourage the students to get enrolled in Pakistani universities.

The minister was delighted to learn that leading Pakistani universities like UMT were offering quality education in science and technology, engineering, medicine, business, agriculture and computer sciences. He said the Sri Lankan government was looking forward to exploring new avenues of cooperation with its neighbor especially with Pakistan to engage in more economic activities.

He said Sri Lanka and Pakistan should continue exchanging information on trade, education and investment opportunities so that the trade between the two countries gets developed widely.


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