Fonterra defends having Chinese and not Tamil on Anchor Butter packs

Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka has defended having information on its Anchor Butter packaging in Chinese, English and Sinhalese and not Tamil.

In respond to a news report on The Sunday Morning website, Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka said that Anchor Butter Product Packaging is fully compliant with the packaging regulations of Sri Lanka.

The Minister of National Integration, Reconciliation, and Official Languages Mano Ganeshan had told The Sunday Morning, he has instructed the Commissioner of Official Languages to look into it Anchor Butter sold in Sri Lanka having information in Sri Lanka in Chinese, English and Sinhalese and not Tamil on its packaging.

Ganeshan said that having information on a product in English and Sinhalese and not Tamil is a violation of the National Language Policy.

He said that he has no issue with information being printed in Chinese but the local language must be given priority.

In response Fonterra Brands Sri Lank said that Anchor Butter is made, packaged and exported from New Zealand to multiple countries in East and South East Asia. The same pack is made available to Sri Lanka.

Hence, the product packaging includes the commonly spoken language in these respective countries.

“We reiterate that the languages on the pack are not a reflection of our respect for diversity and the value we place on all our customers,” Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka said in a statement. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Simple thing Hon. Minister, Let the Company talk anything. You encourage Tamils to boycott All products marketed by the said Company, whether milk packets, or Yoghurt whether they carry the details or not.


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