Sri Lanka participates in international tsunami drill

Sri Lanka participated tsunami drill today as part of an international tsunami drill held in 28 countries.

The Ministry of Disaster Management said the island wide tsunami drill was held at 8.30 am in several selected districts. Accordingly, Mullaitivu, Ampara and Galle districts of Sri Lanka had been selected to conduct the drill.

This year’s tsunami drill was held targeting a school, a Grama Niladhari Division, a religious place and a tourist hotel. Both local and foreign tourists actively participate in the tsunami drill.

The Minister of Disaster Management Duminda Senanayake said earlier the warning program was to be conducted by countries such as Australia, Indonesia, and India along with Sri Lanka and when India issues the tsunami warning, it was to be transmitted to 77 towers in the island.

Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Center in Galle, Lt. Col. Duminda Ratnayake said that measures had been taken to conduct the drill at three tsunami warning towers established in the Hikkaduwa Divisional Secretariat division of the Galle district.

The drill was held at the Telwatte Raja Maha Vihara, Hikkaduwa Town Center and Ratgama Rathnodayaramaya, where the tsunami warning towers are established.

In addition to the three towers, eight tsunami warning towers in the Galle district were to also sound at the same time. (Colombo Gazette)


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