President feels death penalty a must on corrupt individuals

President Maithripala Sirisena feels the death penalty must be imposed on corrupt individuals.

He said this at an event in Parliament today.

President Maithripala Sirisena said the Government of good governance has been committed to build a system to boost clean governance free of fraud and corruption.

He said that steps should be taken to punish those accused of fraud and corruption swiftly in order to fulfill the aspirations of the people placed on the Government of good governance.

The President also stressed on the need to expedite the implementation of the recommendations given by the special presidential commission appointed by him to investigate serious frauds and corruption that took place in the country.


  1. Well thought his excellency. We must follow the Chinese Example or the practice adopted during Kandyan Kingdom to punish criminals. We must get out of English concept of punishment. Why are International Drug Smugglers, as well as white collar criminals, targeting Sri Lanka for their illegal activity against mankind, instead of countries like Singapore. They know our laws are lenient and they can get out of it. The drug trafficking will come to a halt once International Drug lords know our punishment is nothing but death penalty. If we have to save our future, totally stop drugs, Death penalty should be carried out. NGO’ s with foreign funding, sometimes funding from drug money may be against carrying out death sentence. I also do not personally like killing of a man by a man, but for the sake of the country it is needed. Hope the Government of Ranil stop this menace of corruption in Public sector, and Drug smuggling, by taking the clue given by the President.


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