ODEL’s Fitness Week a resounding success

ODEL’s ‘ODEL Fitness Week’ which saw a week’s worth of offers and activities to make ODEL the go-to destination for all fitness needs amongst fitness enthusiasts, was a resounding success.

The highlight of ODEL’s Fitness Week was the scintillating panel discussion on the importance of fitness, wellbeing and looking good, all of which are the cornerstones of ODEL’s ethos.

The panelists included Everest achiever Johann Peiris, nutritionist Ronali of RAW who advocates the goodness of raw fruits and vegetables, Omalka Guneratne an up and coming rugby star, former model and model coordinator Jackie Mae, hair and beauty icon Ramani Fernando, media personality Danu Innisitamby and Desiree Karunaratne, Group Director Marketing, Softlogic Holdings, while Anusha David of Headlines PR was the moderator.

ODEL’s Fitness Week will definitely be a part of this iconic fashion retailer’s annual calendar of events.


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