Cinnamon Life’s Colombo Music Festival 2018 – If you missed it, you’d be sorry!

Sri Lanka witnessed the biggest music festival yet when Cinnamon Life hosted the Colombo Music Festival 2018 together with Shaggy, Maxi Priest, Diana King and Big Mountain at the Havelock Sports Club Grounds. The festival ran under the theme,‘A Caribbean Night’ featuring some of the biggest names in Reggae and Dancehall. The four international headliners performed at this novel one-day festival presented by Cinnamon Life, reinventing the concept of entertainment in Colombo.

The local artistes, Irie, Mysty, Unscripted and DJ Tariq kick started the evening setting the ambience for the night to come. The mix of reggae and pop music suited well with all those who settled down around the grounds, making themselves at home.

The four international acts were not new to music festivals, it was their specialty, and that was evident as they kept the audience’ spirits up throughout the night. Starting with Big Mountain, who performed some of their hit songs and also their new pop-infused reggae songs. Diana King took the stage next and warmed the hearts of the thousands gathered as she played her popular hits.

Maxi Priest set the mood towards midnight with music unique to him, a mix of Reggae and R&B, a fusion genre that he is best known for bringing to the mainstream music scene. His consistent vigour kept the audience alive and those who knew his music were reminded what they loved about his songs.

Shaggy took to the stage at last, much to people’s eagerness and made the night more memorable as he took the performance to its peak. It was worth the wait as he performed a dynamic mix of his hit singles as well as his recent musicdone in collaboration with many international artistes such as Sting and Massari.

As the festival came to an end, all were exhilarated at having witnessed four international artistesand the performances back to back, making it the biggest music festival in Sri Lanka indeed. The Caribbean inspired music and the free-spirited way of life it communicates, resonated well with the local audiences making this year’s theme an excellent fit for the festival. The Caribbean sounds carried through the night and the venue was filled with colour as the main stage displayed reggae visuals of red, yellow and green, ensuring that the audience can connect and enjoy with this genre.

Hats off to the festival goers, who embraced the evening in full spirit and kept the day alive with their energy, enthusiasm and anticipation as the artistes took turns to come on stage. The festivaldelivered a contemporary festival experience with a truly global feel. As Cinnamon Life brings a yet another iconic world-class event to Sri Lanka, it promises that it will stand as an annual showcase of some of the best international and local music acts.

With its top-of-the-line set up, unforgettable line-up and many innovative touch-points, the festival left a lasting imprint on the city and gave audiences a glimpse of what Cinnamon Life represents – the very epitome of vibrancy, exclusivity and inspired living in modern South Asia. Audiences should stay tuned for more exciting events in 2018 and 2019.