Steak Out at Taco Bell

The Ultimate Steak Out is happening at Sri Lanka’s go-to Mexican inspired restaurant Taco Bell, which is now offering a premium cut beef filling in their extensive menu.

Loyal Taco Bell fans who were eagerly awaiting the launch of beef can now satisfy their cravings with Taco Bell’s oven-cooked beef, which is definitely something to TACO’bout.

Taco Bell customers can now enjoy this distinctive beef filling in their favourite Mexican inspired dishes – Crunchy or Soft Tacos, Taco Supreme, Chalupas, Classic Burritos, Quesadillas, Crunchwrap and Rice Bowl! This oven-cooked premium cut beef is surely going to blow the minds of all the steak lovers out there.

Taco Bell now offers its classic beef filling from Rs. 430 upwards for a-la-carte orders and Rs. 810 upwards for meals. Try out this delicious beef filling which is available at Taco Bell – Horton Place or the new Taco Bell restaurant located at No. 34, Marine Drive (8th Lane), right here in Colombo!

Since it opened its doors last year at Horton Place, Taco Bell has wowed diners with a re-imagined Mexican inspired food experience replete with quick service, quirky interiors, whimsical art, latest music sounds, unique drinks and a customizable menu made to order, for a great value for money experience.

The demand for Taco Bell’s signature food and its growing popularity has inspired the opening of the new Taco Bell outlet at Marine Drive, which is becoming a hub for foodies.


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