SriLankan employees told to help make airline profitable again

Employees of Sri Lanka’s national airline, SriLankan Airlines, have been told to help make the airline profitable again.

In a media statement today, the airline said that the human resources division of the Airline has launched a series of employee engagement initiatives which seek to integrate the employees towards the mission of making the airline profitable again.

“The Airline has recognized the importance of possessing a driven, committed and motivated workforce as the Airline draws blueprints to become a profitable entity. At the core of these employee engagement initiatives is the launch of ‘UL 1st’ Theme which was conceptualized with a vision to inculcate a culture where employees are advocated to always prioritize the Company. The employees are encouraged to shed self-centred motives and work towards a common goal which is to make the Airline profitable again,” the Airline said.

Ranjith Fernando, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines said that each and every employee has a critical role to play within an organization and no organization can succeed relying on the performance of only one or two star Managers or one or two departments.

“I believe that employees who were part of the ‘UL 1st Campaign will take key learnings of the programme to their heart and make a conscious effort to commit themselves to the turnaround efforts of the Airline. Special note of appreciation should also be extended to the UL 1st Team for their positive engagement,” he said.

Pradeepa Kekulawala, Head of Human Resources, SriLankan Airlines said the rationale behind launching employee engagement initiatives of this scale is to get employees actively engaged in the turnaround efforts of the company. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We as Sri Lankan’s would love to help out in anyway to bring back Srilankan to its previous glory. But sad to say we don’t travel Sl anymore from uae (we live in the uae) as it’s full of Indians who consume liquor from the start to the end of the flight & fall on us single women. Can’t even change our seats afterwards. It’s a terrible situation. Therefore we always fly Etihad. Pls look into this matter. I have seen a lot of house maids suffer due to this.

  2. Flights are very expensive, the choices from London to Cmb are many and only for a few hours extra flying and the stop overs are enjoyable. SL needs to address the customer value chain.


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