India warns states on dealing directly with countries like Sri Lanka

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has warned states against directly dealing with policing agencies of “countries of concern” like Sri Lanka, China, Iran and Afghanistan on matters of internal security, the Deccan Herald reported.

In a communication to states, the MHA said that any such communication must be routed through due to national security concerns.

States police should “not facilitate or entertain” any such requests from organisations or agencies from countries of concern without prior consultation with the MHA, it said.

“It has come to the notice of the ministry of home affairs that some foreign organisations/agencies from countries of concern are extending invitations for mutual cooperation, training, joint exercise, exchange of views etc, directly to state/ union territory police without routing such requests through the Ministry of Home Affairs,” the communication said.

“State/Union Territory organisations may be directed not to facilitate or entertain any such requests from foreign organisations/ agencies from countries of concern without prior consultation with the ministry of home affairs,” the letters to Chief Secretaries said.

With the help of central intelligence agencies, the MHA has identified countries of concerns in various fields like training of officers related to forensics, explosions, investigation, procurement of weapons or security equipment.

On internal security cooperation, the MHA has put Pakistan, China and Afghanistan in the category of countries of concern. Any cooperation with these countries keeping the Centre out of picture, the MHA feel it may end up in compromising different aspects of internal security.

Countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are countries of concern when it comes to counter-terror programmes, fake currency, drugs and human trafficking.

The MHA also warns the states against engaging private foreign organisations, which deal with security equipment or organise security-related conferences or seminars. There is a need for proper verification, the MHA has said. (Colombo Gazette)


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    Indian subcontinent has almost 2 billion people, but not even one university rank within 200 in the world. It couldn’t get a gold medal during the last two Olympic Games. It has records for fighting the longest brutal civil war in Asia in the 21st century, it has known for the most corrupt countries in Asia and topped the list of the most dangerous countries for women. However, it never fails to talk about its God and democracy.

    South Asia has been breeding as rabbits in the name of democracy and religion. However, the South Asian countries’ governments don’t have enough resources to create jobs or to educate their citizens or train them as skilled people. Therefore, South Asia will become a liability to South East Asia. Indians as the big brothers have utterly failed to guide their country and the other South Asian countries.

    Singapore government understands the reality and has started to cut down giving permanent residency visa to South Asians; and I support this move. How Indians are behaving in little India is embarrassing. They have meals or have conversation with others while sitting on concrete footpaths. We are also seeing too many South Asians starting to enter illegally to South East Asia. China must act now and start to increase its investment in South Asian countries to avoid a disaster in Asia.

    India hasn’t got a solution, but it will continue to carry on its ideology. Sooner or later China must dismantle India for peace and prosperity of Asia for centuries yet to come. Once the small South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal etc become reasonably developed, Indians states won’t tolerate Indian government’s foolishness and will start to fight for independence from the central government. This way India will be dismantled by its own people.


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