Galle Face Hotel commemorates Black Tot Day and offers a taste of history

Black Tot Day commemorates 31 July, 1970 and is the name given to the last day on which the British Royal Navy issued sailors with a daily rum ration.

After the Battle of Trafalgar, daily rum rations (also called a tot) were instigated where they gave sailors half a pint of navy proof rum 78% ABV, which they downed and got back to work. The practice was abolished in 1970 after concerns that regular intakes of alcohol would disrupt sailors’ efficiency and lead to unsteady hands when operating machinery.

To celebrate the 48th anniversary of Black Tot Day, the Galle Face Hotel held a rum tasting at the Verandah. Guests were treated to a historical overview before tasting a wide variety of rum on offer at the hotel, along with an unlimited supply of canapés.

“The Galle Face hotel is steeped in rich history and culture dating back to the colonial times. Similarly, Black Tot Day has a strong sense of heritage going back 300 years and we want to revive and celebrate these threads of history in a fun, modern way.” said Mr. Robert Hauck, General Manager – Galle Face Hotel.

The hotel provided the finest of rums for guests to sip on while harking back to the glorious days of the past and enjoying the present day with picturesque views of the Indian Ocean.


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