Germany arrests suspect over alleged Sri Lanka war crimes

German authorities have arrested a Sri Lankan man suspected of involvement in killing captured Government soldiers as a member of the Tamil Tigers rebel (LTTE) group a decade ago, the Associated Press reported.

Federal prosecutors said a judge ordered Thursday the 36-year-old, identified only as Sivatheeban B. because of German privacy rules, detained pending a potential indictment.

He was arrested Wednesday in the Duesseldorf area, suspected of committing war crimes and membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

Prosecutors say he belonged to the Tamil Tigers from 2006-2009. They allege that, in 2008, he tied up 16 soldiers and guarded them as they were driven to a site where they were shot.

Sri Lanka’s civil war ended in 2009 when government forces defeated the rebels, who fought to create a separate state for ethnic minority Tamils. (Colombo Gazette)


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